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Reach Out

You’re not designed to bottle up all of the hurts, sadness, or discouragement. This life has shelves stocked full of the three and you receiving an ample supply is not only probable, it’s inevitable. You, rather we, don’t have the capacity to line our hearts with so many items intent on draining any resemblance of joy or value.

Reach out! Without a doubt, reach out to God first. You can’t be so low that the reach is inhibited. He finds us being hurt, hateful, and hidden and rescues us from death to life. From the digestive system of a whale cruising at about 10,000 feet below sea level, He is still reachable. From the freshly dug pit that you see the dirt still tumbling down the shovels of your brothers, He is still reachable. From the end of a whip as your value is denied under the heat of an Egyptian sun, He is still reachable! There is no ultimate low that’s outside the scope of the Savior.

Secondly, reach out to a human that values humanity. A Parent, Grandparent, family member, Pastor, Teacher, Friend, teammate. Someone that you have a bridge of relationship with that can walk with you. Someone that can help bear and shoulder the shelves of sorrow being emptied into your life. Someone that loves more than just the “edited” you, but they have a life investment into the authentic you. Someone who sees through the photoshopped pictures of your life and is intent on friending the pre-filtered you. Those humans exist. They are most likely already divinely planted around you. Ask God to train your eyes to see them through the darkness of your valley.

Lastly, to everyone reading this post, let’s be that human that can be reached. There are people around us, in our own families, that need love, attention, encouragement, valued, reassured, listened to. You may not have all the answers. I’ve found myself there numerous times. Yet, without answers or formulas, I try to purposely place my heart and ears in proximity of wounded hearts and quivering lips. Be there! See through the smoke and filters of social media and extend some hope. Point them to Jesus. To the One who sees all the self-doubt, self-hate, depression, and feelings of being trapped and loves deeply anyway. Make sure they feel the embrace of Heaven and the embrace of a friend! Connect them with other people who will care and converse with them.

No one you meet today at school, work, the grocery store, the post office, the DMV, or the restaurant is worthless. They have value, they matter! Be the one who makes sure that the worth they have is known and appreciated!

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