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Vegas Massacre and Humanity's Undeniable Erosion

I used to think that it was social media that discouraged me, but I am increasingly realizing it’s the heart of humanity behind social media. 59 people have been confirmed as dead and over 500 still injured from yesterday’s massacre. They weren’t involved in some nefarious act. They weren’t conspiring to bring injury or harm to groups. They were gathered in a country music festival to hear some of their favorites singing songs of music they enjoy.

When the news first broke yesterday morning, there was only one individual that was sinister, but by last evening there was a host of people who had taken a day of darkness and somehow tinted it into even a darker shade. Before the lifeless bodies could completely be removed from the parking lot in Las Vegas, blogs and tweets were employed not to offer condolences but instead to keep alive arguments that we’ve been trying to drown one another in. The blood drying in a parking lot was not able to trump the scent of blood in the political water.

I watched news clippings of people lining up to donate blood. I heard testimonies of those on the scene about first responders, friends and family running toward the spray of bullets to try to protect or help a fellow human being. I doubt that in the midst of echoing gunfire questions were being asked about political party affiliation or immigration stances. Heroes didn’t see voters, they saw people. While some were running to rescue the hurting, others were running to a keyboard to voice their